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SATNET has a number of publications. Please find some below and if you wish to have a copy, Click on the Document Title

1. Organization Profiles

2. Reports

3. Newsletters

4. Brochures
Cost benefit analysis of Vanilla
Artmisia annua
Pineapple Wilting
– SATNET Profile 2007

5. Booklets
– Malaria Vector Control without DDT; Sustainable Alternatives by: Monik Adriaens & Rudy
Lemmens SATNET (contact SATNET to purchase this booklet)
– Erirwanisya ekiritho ekeyeribindukabinduka ery’emihendo eye’bikusa
– Ebicooli omu Uganda
– SATNET/SNV Final Report on Regional Survey & Conference on poverty issues & Regional level poverty alleviations strategies, Nov. 2005
– Herbal Medicine in Uganda by: Monik Adriaens (contact SATNET to purchase this booklet)